Pipelines | Sewers

We undertake the unclogging of any kind of  pipeline or drainage regardless of its size and capacity as we have modern tank vehicle and excellent equipment to respond in the most difficult case.
We have the capability of immediate unclogging of main pipes of large buildings (factories, hospitals, etc.), but also we can fix any problem that arises from any type of small houses drainage (sinks, bathrooms, showers, floor Pipettes, basins, etc.) with the consistency and professionalism that characterizes our company for decades.

We arrive at your place in a short time and our prices are economical as we try to satisfy any needs of our clients.

Christos Kiousis
1o km Peanias - Markopoulou | Peania | PO Box 190 02
Tel: +30 210 6622632 & +302106628088
Fax: 210 6028362
e-mail: info@ekenoseis.gr

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