Biological Stations

It is a fact that in recent years the environmental awareness of Greek citizens and particularly for the biological treatment is growing.

The new environmental trend in sewage sector called biological station. These are small autonomous units in which take place the separation of sewage into waste and fresh water. This happens with the help of microorganisms that are placed within them but also with the development of suitable bacteria. The water that comes from this process is suitable only for irrigation. As a result of this separation is the very slow filling of the sewer and consequently there is no requirement for frequent use of tank vehicles.

Thus, not only for environmental but also for economical reasons, biological stations (or sewer when we refer to small houses) are now used by many municipalities, businesses, hotels, hospitals and generally large organizations.

Our company responsibly undertakes cleaning such biological stations / sewer with special emphasis on maintaining its excellence operational after this. Cleaning is done by removal of solid debris and cleaning stations / sewer with water spray in combination with suitable organic ingredients. Τhen, if required, we put the necessary microorganisms into biological station/ sewer for their proper re-operation.

Moreover, our company undertakes regular maintenance of biological stations / sewer, which should be done every two (2) years in order to control the good situation of the microorganisms and bacteria growing in them. Thus, we are able to ensure the good biological operation of the station/ sewer.